Solis Ortus - Sunrise

Part of the series of Sunflower paintings tracking the light from dawn to dusk. Perfect bright yellow faces raise up to the grey windy skies above, awaiting the sun to enrich their joyous blooms. Some are clenched in tight in almost-alien bud waiting to burst open when the sun arrives and gives them energy as it casts radiant glimmering light upon them. Other more matured flowers have large open petals are becoming slowly torn by the winds, but are lucid, big and beautiful nonetheless. Petals like crepe paper Matisse-like cut-outs. But after that moment which is not their end, some have reached their point of turning to seed, their dark centres become heavy monolithic, engorged with glistening seeds - a bountiful provision, a harvest for the birds.

80.5 w x 130 h cm Unframed (Framed size 93.5 w x 144 h cm Mixed media on Arches Oil Paper (Framed in modern gilded slim frame floating on mount glazed )