Semper Hortus

I am inspired by the idea of the immersive Roman garden, many Roman households housed paintings that developed on the notion of the Roman garden within a domestic home. Walls were adorned with surprising frescos of flora and fauna in many varying seasonal phases to become lasting places of joy. Truly bringing the feeling of celebrating life and nature within an interior, bringing the outside in. The rooms of many of the Roman Empire garden paintings, particularly including the 'Villa Livia'; are renowned for their accurate depiction of plant species with an illusionistic quality of perfect order. The atmospheric vista seems to reach way beyond - hence 'Semper Hortus', the 'forever garden'. Painting directly from my own garden, lemon and orange trees silhouette amongst olive trees, grape vines, figs and hydrangea - illuminated by heavenly blue skies.

198 w x 122 h (Framed 238 w x 161 h cm) Oil, mixed media and gesso on board in an English George III frame originally housing a portrait by George Romney RCA.