Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is inspired by my recent visit to Seville during "Semana Santa" or Holy Week: the soul, the passion and the energy of the city; the atmosphere manifested from the deeply ingrained spiritual culture of worship; the timeless beauty that is an amalgamation of the most noble and magnificent elements from Roman to Renaissance.

The paired back nature of this work harks towards the resplendent chiaroscuro and luminous qualities of the work of one of Seville's lustrous artists - Baroque painter 'Murillo' who captured the soul and life of the place and the people. Magnolia flowers and papaver poppies cascade from the Heavens.

Oil, raw pigment and gesso on board in antique frame 68 cm w x 110 cm h unframed 114 cm w x 136 cm h x 8.5 cm d framed