Nubibus Solis Occasum - Sunset Clouds

Part of the series of Sunflower paintings tracking the light from dawn to dusk.

The sunflower at sunset, the heavy seeded heads of the flower illuminate and glow against their darkening foliage, a glimer of blue sky in the background.

The species name annus refers to the plant's annual life cycle. It made a lasting impression, burning imprinted shapes in my mind - not just of their shadows, light, structure and colour-But of their importance and necessity to life. I wanted the paintings to be explosions of light shape and colour. Like fireworks, or deep space star constellations. An imagined place full of light and joy.

80.5 w x 130 h cm Unframed (Framed size 93.5 w x 144 h cm Mixed media on Arches Oil Paper (Framed in modern gilded slim frame floating on mount glazed )