Miracle - After Murillo's Iconography of the Porciuncula

Fleetingly delicate papery blooms of papaver poppies swirl in contrast between light and dark in the heat of the Sevillian courtyard. Shadows of date palms and other botanics collected over centuries from far flung climes intertwine in a cacophony of beautiful movement and energy.

These blooms, even at the peak of their pomp and power cannot help but signal their decline. Their purpose is to attract, their destiny to decay. So here is work which is both articulate and instinctive, illuminating even when it is darkling…

The work is inspired by the resplendent chiaroscuro and luminous qualities of the work of one of Seville’s lustrous Baroque artists ‘Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’, best known for his religious works but also capturing the soul and life of the place and people. in In particular after “Iconography of Porciúncula” - the miracle of celestial falling flowers from the heavens.

Oil and mixed media on Arches Oil Paper 130 w x 80 h cm unframed 145 w x 95 h cm framed