El Refectorio

A pair of Medieval Siegberg earthernware pottery jug from my collection with pomegranate. Created from hard, nonporous ceramic which is both strong and impervious to liquids, the hand thrown shape was ideally suited for domestic purposes. A banal object with a vital importance to everyday life.

This work was created in the winter to spring months, many of the pieces painted in this period are inspired by my move to an old house in the countryside and a new feeling of calm and contemplation. The works have historic sentiment as the land and place surrounding me holds too. Here at Cayton, I'm surrounded by an ancient Medieval site, nearby there are the remnants of fish pools which used to serve the Cistercian Fountains Abbey. The lakes used to house one of the largest potteries where earthernware was made and fired on wooden jettys extending the waters edge. The sense of this place transmutes into the paintings, my medieval ceramic collection holds even more significance.

Oil and gesso on board in antique frame 41 cm w x 51 cm h unframed 57 cm w x 68 cm h framed