Collecting Light At Gwydir

A pewter charger is set on a long ancient oak table in Gwydir Castle. Shafts of pale blue and golden light dance across it's surface. It speaks of ancient times, times past and lives shared. I visited Gwydir just after my previous exhibition in Autumn last year. The plate reminds me of my pewter plates in my studio. The object is caught still and expectant in the thin winter light. Impressive in its austere simplicity.

Gwydir Castle is situated in the Conwy Valley, Wales near Llanrwst. It is a fortified manor house dating back to c.1500, a wonderfully atmospheric place with an incredible history.

Oil and gesso on board in antique frame 58.8 cm w x 45 cm h unframed 76 cm w x 64 cm h framed