Ab Ovo Usque Ad Mala - From Beginning To End

Inspired by the 'Hare with Grapes' painting of Pompeii. Grapes were central to the Roman diet, and of course their worship of Bacchus the God of Wine. Often featured in fresco, coins or relief. They are symbols of Classical Antiquity. The pomegranate was considered an atribue of Venus, who was orignally the goddess of agriculture. They make an appearance in many fresco paintings as well as literature such as that of Ovid the Roman poet. For me these fruits are truly symbolic, and seen here placed within a kind of lararium or shrine of the home as offerings to the Gods.

57.5 w x 47.5 h cm (Framed 71 w x 61 h cm) Oil, mixed media and gesso on board in antique frame.